A week in Fife (part 1)

Sandford Country Cottage in Fife
Sandford Country Cottage in Fife
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Scotland packing list

Ferry crossing from Amsterdam-Ijmuiden to Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Ferry crossing from Amsterdam-Ijmuiden to Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I am very much looking forward to going to Scotland again in a few weeks! :-)


After having travelled there for several times already, there is not much planning involved for us anymore..

We love B&Bs and self-catering cottages which I use to book online. Often, I come across a nice place while surfing the internet and then I book it.


When we went to Scotland for the first time in 2002, we had only reserved the first few nights. We drove from place to place and simply knocked on B&B doors bearing a "vacancies" sign. I am not sure whether it still works just as well today, but we were never forced to camp under a bridge.. ;-)


Speaking of camping, I do not have any experience..

I know that wild camping is usually not a problem in Scotland if you follow along some simple rules which you can find in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Places in which camping is not welcome are signposted accordingly. Of course, you can also find official camping sites.


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Harris Tweed love

First, I would like to wish all of you a happy new year.


As I still have to wait a little for my next trip to Scotland, I keep myself occupied with the window decoration for my living room... ;-)


One thing you notice immediately when spending a night in Scotland or Britain in general, is that home textiles are made to match each other - no matter whether you are staying at a hotel, a B&B or a self-catering unit.


You will find curtain fabrics identical to those of cushions, tablerunners or plaids. Sometimes even the wallpaper has the same pattern! I really like that matching look very much, although I have to admit that the wallpaper is sort of a controversial issue for me - less is more! ;-)


As I would love to have a little of that matching look for my home, I ordered some Harris Tweed to sew roman blinds for my living room. I also plan to make matching cushions and table linen later on, but will have to order some more fabric first - there isn't enough left for everything...


Will my wool be turned into Harris Tweed, too? ;-)
Will my wool be turned into Harris Tweed, too? ;-)
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Just a little Scottish... (Christmas preparations)


Do you know this, too?

I had planned to release this post a lot earlier, but somehow the world got in the way...


Loch Katrine in February 2017
Loch Katrine in February 2017
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The Kingdom of Fife

The council area Fife is located between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Tay on Scotland's east coast and has about 512 square miles.


A very relaxing visit to the Kingdom of Fife on Scotland's east coast in October.


View from Wormit to Dundee over the Tay Bridge
View from Wormit to Dundee over the Tay Bridge
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Recreation in Achiltibuie

Achiltibuie, a small coastal village north of Ullapool in Wester Ross, might be familiar to some German readers from a column called "Mail aus Achiltibuie" in the German newspaper "Die Zeit". Reiner Luyken - its author - and his wife Sheileagh run two luxury self-catering cottages named "The Brochs of Coigach" in Achiltibuie that were designed by architect Stuart Bagshaw.


Before travelling to Inverness and Edinburgh, we spent a very relaxing week there - with a terrific view over the Summer Isles.


Achiltibuie, Summer Isles
View on the Summer Isles from Gille Buidhe's Broch in Achiltibuie
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Around Loch Ness

Loch Ness is about 23 miles long and approx. 1 mile wide.

Being up to approx. 750 feet deep, it has the highest water capacity of all Scottish lochs.

Loch Ness is part of the Caledonian Canal which was built as a short-cut for transportation between the Atlantic and the North Sea coast.

The loch grew in length and width when the water level was elevated by 3 metres (9,84 ft).


How could you possibly go to Scotland without visiting Nessie? ;-)


Nessie at the Caledonian Canal in Fort Augustus
Gotcha! ;-) Nessie at the Caledonian Canal in Fort Augustus
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The Isle of Skye

I love the rough and wild landscape of the Scottish west.

That also applies to the Isle of Skye - the largest island of the Inner Hebrides.

That's exactly how I always imagined the highlands to be...


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Edinburgh - Part 1


One of my favourite places in Scotland is Edinburgh.

Although I have already been there several times, there are still a thousand spots I have not seen yet.


Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century and it is the second largest town in Scotland (after Glasgow). It is part of the UNESCO world heritage.


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Loch Katrine in February

As an avid Scotland traveller I do not really care about the season of travel. So I thought: "Why not go to Scotland in winter?"


The crossing alone can be quite an adventure (read more at the bottom of the article...).

Usually, we take our own car to use the DFDS ferry from Amsterdam-Ijmuiden to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and drive to our destination from there. In this case, we spent a week at a cottage in Stronachlachar, Loch Katrine.


Loch Katrine
View on Loch Katrine from our panoramic window
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