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Gone with the wind on the Fife Coastal Path
Gone with the wind on the Fife Coastal Path

A very dear co-worker indicated that I could share more information on who you are dealing with on my "About me" page... ;-)


As an introvert this is not always easy for me (especially when it comes to photos), but I still added just a little bit.


Thanks for the great feedback!

Update on the FèisÌle 2018 guest article

While I am at it, I can give you a short update on the guest article about Islay. The guys are excelling themselves, writing like there is no tomorrow. :-)

Their article is so detailed that I will have to divide it into several parts (at least two)!


Please be patient and stay tuned...

The inoperative Port Ellen Distillery on Islay
The inoperative Port Ellen Distillery on Islay

Photo: Jürgen A.

Technical note

As you might have noticed the "Read more" ("Mehr lesen") button in the English blog overview is in German...


Unfortunately, I haven't found out yet how to change that. I hope it doesn't bother you while navigating through the blog. I will figure out how to do it eventually... ;-)


UPDATE (11 Sep 2018):

I switched the system language to English as I suppose more readers will understand it rather than German. ;-) Nevertheless, I still plan to make the buttons match the blog language eventually.

Any suggestions for improvements?

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Would you like to know more about me?

Do you have any recommendations/suggestions?


Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.


I also take technical advice - I just cannot promise I will be able to implement it... ;-)

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