ENGLISH BLOG · 16/06/2020
The Scottish Government implemented four recovery phases from the COVID-19 restrictions...

ENGLISH BLOG · 14/04/2020
We had planned to go to Scotland... and then Corona happened

ENGLISH BLOG · 23/01/2020
Do you have plans for 2020? Here is what I have in mind...

ENGLISH BLOG · 11/12/2019
The charm of Scotland's biggest city is not visible at first sight... a short visit to Glasgow

ENGLISH BLOG · 21/10/2019
Historical sites, Harris Tweed and spectacular beaches - you can have it all on the Isle of Lewis and Harris (Outer Hebrides).

ENGLISH BLOG · 15/08/2019
Do you know that? You visit a city several times and somehow end up in the same places again and again? After more than ten visits to Edinburgh, this time, I finally made it to some locations I didn't know yet... ;-)

ENGLISH BLOG · 18/07/2019
Barley, water and yeast - it takes no more than these few ingredients to produce "uisge beatha" (water of life). And no place in the world has a higher density of distilleries than the Speyside.

ENGLISH BLOG · 20/05/2019
With a population of a little under 150,000 inhabitants Dundee is undergoing a major change at the moment. Well worth a visit!

ENGLISH BLOG · 22/04/2019
Scotland 2019 travel plans

ENGLISH BLOG · 25/02/2019
Welcome to Part 4 of our adventure on Islay. Unfortunately, even the greatest journeys eventually come to an end and we had to return home via a short stopover in Edinburgh.

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