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English Blog · 04/05/2018
We enjoyed our week in Fife in October 2017 so much that we decided to come back in March 2018. This is part two of our travel itinerary.
English Blog · 07/04/2018
We enjoyed our week in Fife in October 2017 so much that we decided to come back. So, in March 2018, here we are... (travel itinerary part 1)

English Blog · 19/02/2018
Things you need to pack for a trip to Scotland
English Blog · 18/01/2018
Experience a very special Scottish fabric...

English Blog · 08/12/2017
Do you know this, too? I had planned to release this post a lot earlier, but somehow the world got in the way...
English Blog · 30/10/2017
The council area Fife is located between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Tay on Scotland's east coast and has about 512 square miles. A very relaxing visit to the Kingdom of Fife on Scotland's east coast in October.

English Blog · 22/09/2017
Before travelling to Inverness and Edinburgh, we spent a very relaxing week in a broch in Achiltibuie - with a terrific view over the Summer Isles.
English Blog · 22/08/2017
Loch Ness is part of the Caledonian Canal which was built as a short-cut for transportation between the Atlantic and the North Sea coast. How could you possibly go to Scotland without visiting Nessie? ;-)

English Blog · 10/08/2017
I love the rough and wild landscape of the Scottish west. That also applies to the Isle of Skye - the largest island of the Inner Hebrides. That's exactly how I always imagined the highlands to be...
English Blog · 31/07/2017
One of my favourite places in Scotland is Edinburgh. Although I have already been there several times, there are still a thousand spots I have not seen yet. Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century and it is the second largest town in Scotland (after Glasgow). It is part of the UNESCO world heritage.

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