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Scottish dinner night
ENGLISH · 06/04/2022
What does it take to have a great evening? Not much - dear friends, good food and - alcoholic or virgin - drinks... ;-) Let's have a Scottish dinner!

ENGLISH · 02/12/2021
Super simple, super tasty and for all occasions - Cranachan. A combination of raspberries, cream, oat flakes, honey and whisky.

Dundee Cake muffins
ENGLISH · 03/11/2020
Why not try a mouth-watering muffin version of Dundee Cake this Christmas?

Shortbread - a classic
ENGLISH · 23/07/2020
I love shortbread and bake some myself on a frequent basis. Just add a cuppa (coffee/tea) and you're good to go. :-)

Just a little Scottish... (Christmas preparations)
ENGLISH · 08/12/2017
Do you know this, too? I had planned to release this post a lot earlier, but somehow the world got in the way...